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Business Services

Whether you are just starting up or have been running a clinic for some time. You will realise that running a successful clinic is more than just being good at providing excellent treatments in a desirable clinic.


As your practice grows so will the operational costs. Often, and unfortunately receiving bad advice or support can have a significant negative financial impact.


In most cases creating and implementing a solid business plan is something that medical and aesthetics businesses fail to produce. Working with you we can either create, modify or enhance your business plans to make sure that you have clear objectives and help you achieve them.


Working with clinics we know that one of the biggest expenses can often be employing solicitors to help create contracts, mitigate issues, and produce internal and external agreements. One of Vivet Medical’s key associates is a fully qualified medical defence lawyer who is on hand to assist in all these areas in a cost-effective way.


Our Business services can be acquired as individual elements or as cost-effective packages.


The Vivet Business Packages are designed to allow clinics to call off hours through each month for either business, solution, process or legal support and have proven to save over 30% of existing costs for similar services.


For a free initial consultation contact us today.

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