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The Patient Journey

From the initial point of contact, through the clinical experience to the after care of each of your patients. The Patient Journey is one of the most important processes to perfect.


We live in an experience economy and as such the importance of supplying excellence in the engagement with your patients is vital to the success of your future and your clinics reputation.


We begin with monitoring the current experience, often using ‘mystery shoppers’ and then playing back the experience and exposing potential areas for improvement. These can be how the patient is treated, upselling / cross-selling, product placement, booking follow up consultations as well as the initial engagement and conversations with either new or existing patients.


As well as a producing a Patient Journey to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction. Vivet Medical’s Patient Journeys are designed to maximise patient spend and clinical utilisation.


To find out how we can help with your Patient Journey contact us today.

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