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Partnerships & Distributiom

Choosing the right products, equipment, suppliers, distributors and training can often be a painstaking and confusing task. Once you have selected the services or products your clinic requires you then need to negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best possible margins. All this activity can be time consuming and costly, especially if you make the wrong choice.


Having worked with a great number of suppliers, partners and manufacturers we can help select the right people for you and your demographic.


As well as acting as an agent we can also arrange multiple supplier demonstrations to help compare, score and commit. Following selection, we can continue to assist securing cost-effective trials and negotiate finance and leasing agreements.  


Supplier and contract negotiation is one of our most requested services at Vivet Medical. Over 80% of clinics we have spoken to have never re-negotiated terms, costs or their general ongoing agreement. Working with practice managers we analyse consumption, forecast future growth and continue to secure better terms, rates and services with regular or new suppliers.


With Vivet Medicals assistance we can make supply chain management easy, cost effective and increase your profitability.


To find out how we can help you with your products and supply chain contact us today.

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